Report: Jemele Hill Will Be Paid While On 2 Week Suspension; Total Of $40,000

Report: Jemele Hill Will Be Paid While On 2 Week Suspension; Total Of $40,000

We are all familiar with the Jemele Hill story by now. For some strange reason, the ESPN host thought it would be fun to go on Twitter and basically say that Trump is a KKK member. She called him a ‘white supremacist’ for absolutely no valid reason. Zero evidence. In fact, the evidence is overwhelming that Trump is the furthest thing on the planet from a racist. But, sadly, the mainstream media has done a solid job brainwashing impressionable people like Jemele to the point where they simply don’t have any grasp on reality anymore.

You would think that after so many people got upset that ESPN would punish her. Nope. ESPN did absolutely nothing.  Keep in mind, they fired Curt Schilling for posting a conservative meme on his Facebook page.

On top of that, Jemele clearly learned her lesson. About a week later she was running around calling on her followers to boycott NFL advertisers and the Dallas Cowboys because the Dallas owner told his players they have to stand for the flag.

What is wrong with her?

ESPN finally did suspend her for two weeks.

Except, there’s a catch that many people didn’t pick up on until now.

It’s a paid suspension.

From Fox News:

An ESPN host who got sidelined for two weeks after calling President Trump a “white supremacist” and urging people to boycott Dallas Cowboys’ advertisers will pocket an estimated $40,000 or more during her time in the sports network’s penalty box.

The Bristol, Conn.- based network declined to comment, but an ESPN insider familiar with the salaries of other on-air talent said that most “SportsCenter” anchors are paid a salary that is “quite significant” and estimated that Hill makes over $1 million per year. Hill, along with co-host Michael Smith, anchor the relatively new “SC6,” a modern version of  “SportsCenter” with a urban feel at airs at 6 p.m. ET.

First of all. Hold the phone. Jemele Hill makes a MILLION dollars a year?

For what? Her show is unwatchable and she clearly isn’t playing with a full deck when it comes to knowing what’s appropriate to say on Twitter.

Second of all.

That’s not a suspension. It’s a vacation.  Jemele Hill was rewarded with a vacation for losing her mind over Trump.

You think this is going to discourage people in the future from saying insane things on social media?

Here is what ESPN had to say when they suspended her.

From New York Times:

ESPN said in a statement that Hill was suspended for “a second violation of our social media guidelines.” She will not appear on television for the next two weeks. A spokesman for the company declined to say which specific guideline she had violated or whether she would be paid during the suspension.

“She previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with an impulsive tweet,” the statement said.

Well, we know now that it’s a paid leave.

That makes absolutely no sense.

What’s the point of a suspension if you are getting paid. You don’t have to work and you can sit at home collecting your check.

ESPN really is an embarrassment and the ratings have proven that.

From Forbes:

The president is, in part, correct. ESPN has experienced falling ratings and subscriber numbers in recent years. Last year, ESPN averaged 1.91 million viewers, or an 11% drop from 2015’s 2.15 million. In 2015, the network experienced a 7% drop in viewership from 2014. Ad dollars have reflected this. SportsCenter brought in $408 million for the network between January 2016 and June 2016, and only $305 million during the same period in 2017.

A deeper dive shows the primary causes of this decline are likely cord-cutting and increased competition from the Internet ― not politics ― as people turn away from linear television and to their computers to follow sports, including live events, which now air on Hulu and Amazon.

Keep it up with the white supremacist stuff ESPN.

See if those numbers turn around.

I doubt it.

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